8 december: publieksseminar ‘Negotiating Displacement’

The NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies and IMIS Osnabrück kindly invite you to the public seminar ‘Negotiating Displacement’ on December 8, 2019 hosted by Crea Amsterdam. The afternoon will feature a shared lunch and showing of Watani my Homeland (Marcel Mettelsiefen, 2017) to open up discussions. During this seminar we want to explore the experiences of war and mass displacement from many different perspectives. Our hope is that by the end of the afternoon we all will have more subtle ideas about the perspectives and experiences of others, and ourselves. The public seminar is part of the two-day conference ‘Negotiating Displacement: New Perspectives in War, Migration and Refugee Studies’. On Monday, December 9, an academic meeting will take place. The conference’s guiding question is how displacement has been negotiated by individuals and groups from the First World War to the present in a global perspective. Register here. Attendance is free.