“Don’t call me a smuggler, for that I’m not”: Humanitarian Discourse and Migrant Smuggling.

Thursday 24th of October the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges organizes a public lecture given by Gabriella Sanchez on migrant smuggling!

This lecture, drawing from empirical work with migrants and the facilitators of their journeys on both the US Mexico border and North Africa, will ask: How has migrant smuggling been constructed in the context of humanitarianism? What does the widespread distaste for ‘smugglers’ reveal? And most importantly, who are the people behind migrants’ journeys, and why does examining the way they become ‘smugglers’ matter?

This lecture is open for everyone, but please sign up via: [email protected].
More information via: https://www.uu.nl/en/events/dont-call-me-a-smuggler-for-that-im-not-humanitarian-discourse-and-migrant-smuggling