Onderzoeksstage: Research Intern Opportunity on Cybercrime

“Are you interested in cybercrime, hacking culture and social media? Would you like to get involved with virtual ethnography and new interactive methods of research? Are you fascinated by the socio-political and psychological implications of criminology? Do you want to test your knowledge and skills in a real research activity? Then, this is the internship for you!
Project hacktivism is a PhD research aimed at discovering hacktivism and hacktivists. If you take part in this internship you will work at the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security of The Hague University of Applied Sciences: a vibrant environment with highly skilled researchers in the field of cyber security. You will collect data on hacktivists’ groups in order to understand what motivates them, how they are organized, what is their modus operandi and how we should deal with them. You will analyze the information and get the opportunity to apply the criminological theoretical framework to real cyber actors, in order to see if the theory matches the practice. It will be fun and you will learn a lot.
Join the project by sending a motivation letter and your CV to Marco Romagna ([email protected]) not later than Friday the 8th of November. Ideally the internship should start late November/ December, but we are flexible about it.”