Student & Staff: Join the A Broader Mind Course building team!

Do you like to contribute to the innovation of education? Do you like to be creative? Do you like to collaborate with people from different backgrounds? Then this team is perfect for you!
What is the ‘A Broader Mind Course’? 
The ‘A Broader Mind Course’ is a brand new form of education, which aims at a better preparation of students for the future. The course focuses on personal, social and academic development of the Bachelor’s students of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. It is a blended learning programme which alternates online and offline activities. Students work together on different assignments and learn from each other’s perspectives on eight interdisciplinary, societal themes: Health & Happiness, Success, Poverty, The Human Body, Rebellion, Viewpoints & Worldview, The Digital Word, and Sustainability.

What will you do in a building team?
The A Broader Mind Course is designed jointly by students, lecturers, researchers and other enthusiastic members from the VU and outside of the VU on a voluntary base. Based on last year’s pilot, it is now time to improve the course.
Every theme in the course has its own building team. The teams work on the design and content of the Course. As a member, you directly contribute to the assignments for the students. All teams work together towards the main goal: to create a form of education that enables students to broaden their horizon.
How much time does it take?
General building team meeting: meeting once a month, 2-3 hours
Theme specific subteam: 8 hours/month
Chairman subteam: 8-16 hours/month
Period: July – December 2019. You can also join if you are only part of the period available.
When is the next building team meeting?
Thursday July 4, 2019
14.00-15.00h: Introduction ‘A Broader Mind Course’ for new people who are interested @ HG-07A36
15.00-17.00h: General building team meeting @ HG-07A16
You can join in one part of the afternoon or both. Please sign up via this link.
Are you interested or do you want more information?
Please contact Rolinka Schippers, Project Manager A Broader Mind Course:

[email protected] For additional background information on A Broader Mind, see

We are always looking for students and staff for our building teams!