Kooijmans lezing – 23 mei 2022

Kooijmanslezing maandag 23 mei 2022, 16.00-18.00 uur, Aurora HG-0C29, georganiseerd door Prof.mr. A.R. Lodder met als spreker Prof.dr. M.J.G. (Michel) van Eeten:

Scans, Sticks and Carrots: Improving Cybersecurity With, Without, or in Spite of the Law
Stakeholders, political leaders and the public at large increasingly turn to law and regulation to deal with emerging security threats. The era of self-regulation is over, the stakes are too high — that is more or less the way of thinking. In practice, however, laws often play only a marginal role in what market actors do in terms of mitigating threats. Law is a latecomer to the party. That being said, even in the absence of legal interventions, security threats are in fact mitigated. It might look improvised and ad hoc, but it sort of works. There are a variety of incentive mechanisms that actually result in a surprising amount of security. In this presentation, will discuss several of these incentive mechanisms. Sometimes without law, sometimes with law, and sometimes in spite of the law.

 Michel van Eeten is professor of Cybersecurity at TU Delft. He studies the interplay between technological design and economic incentives in internet security. See for more information his personal webpage: https://www.tudelft.nl/tbm/over-de-faculteit/afdelingen/multi-actor-systems/people/professors/profdr-mjg-michel-van-eeten/

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